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Fascism, Another Warning

Fascism, another warning to follow up with my previous warning.

The Republican National Convention is … Read more

Lady Liberty

I weep
My heart constricts
I can barely breathe
What is happening?

I was the … Read more

The Real Reason They Want You To Hate Trump

Learn the real reason you want to hate Trump narrated by a traditionalist Christian news … Read more

Change the Political System

Change the political system? It’s possible, but it isn’t easy because a human’s attention is … Read more

The Restitching of America

This morning, at two in the morning, I was reading an opinion piece about the … Read more

I don’t take any responsibility at all

I ran across this diatribe on social media, here are my viewpoints on this.

Statements … Read more

Open Season

Iron Fists

It’s open season on Freedom. We can only hope for a purple wave. … Read more

Fascism, a warning

I wish the figurehead in The Whitehouse in 2020 had a capacity for reason. Unfortunately, … Read more

The System is Broken

The COVID-19 virus has exposed fundamental flaws in the winner take all Capitalism backed system … Read more

The United States of ME

Hello, citizens of the United States and citizens of other countries that have lost the … Read more